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February 2021

February 1, 2021

heart shaped pork chops with wine and glasses

February Newsletter from the Farm


February has been a busy month so far and Valentine's Day has been here and gone. Hope you spent that day with loved ones. We had our family's Valentine's Day dinner and on the menu was our Heritage Pork Chops, cooked on our Smoker, Baked Potatoes, Frozen Corn (from this summers harvest) and Green Beans, along with homemade bread and my apple butter from this fall. I really appreciate family dinners where we can all be together. In a few more years both boys will be out of the house and the dinner table will be a bit less crowded. I am not looking forward to that, it breaks this Mama's heart to think about those days. But, for now, I will enjoy every minute of this hectic/loud/crazy farm life that we live! Stay warm and enjoy your week.

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Half and Whole Hogs available

Enjoy being able to go to your freezer anytime to get pork for breakfast, lunch or dinner and not make a run to the grocery store. Pay your deposit on our website and you will be put on the next available butcher date.

This is the perfect time to get on the list for March hogs. Choose either a normal half or we have a special running in March for $400 per half hog which is an amazing price for what you will get. Check out these details

**March Special**

Sampler Half Hogs.

This is a great time to try our pork because you will get a sampling of each cut available.
In your half hog you will receive: Bone-In Smoked Chops, Boneless Regular Chops, Loin Roast, Shoulder Roast, Spareribs, Babyback Ribs, Ham Steaks, Ham End Roast, Bacon, Brats, Italian Brats, Salt/Pepper Sausage Bulk 1# Tubes, Salt/Pepper/Sage Bulk 1# Tubes, Salt/Pepper/Red Pepper Sausage Links, Salt/Pepper/Sage Patties, Italian Bulk 1# Tubes
Ground Pork 1# Tubes, Lard, Cracklins

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